There is No Plan B

There is no Plan B. Used to safaris further afield, lockdown dictated a closer look around for subjects, where better than in my own garden. Macro photography became the order of the day and the images in ‘There is No Plan B; reflects that with bees sitting comfortably alongside images of larger with, more exotic wildlife. 

As a wildlife photographer and conservationist living in a small coastal village in Cornwall UK, I am fortunate that my combined passions of wildlife photography and conservation can be met without straying too far from home. The cottage in which I live is adjacent to a river and surrounded by natural habitats and woodland. The wide variety of bird life and insects provide plenty of distraction for me and subjects for my images. 

I am also passionate wildlife in other areas and love visiting East Africa, particularly Kenya. There the communities and wildlife that I love visiting are under threat for complex reasons, largely now due to the impact of Covid-19 and the rapid decline of the tourist industry there. My hope is that the exposure created through a variety of lenses in photography I can bring to bear all of my previous experiences, passions and enthusiasm to showcase my world of beauty and wonder to a wider audience one beast, bird and bee at a time.

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