Wind Fanner

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for including my work in the gallery. I am utterly blown away by the whole tour and the work that must have gone into it. I am so massively impressed and hugely humbled that my work was selected.

Lucy Tipper



As we await the opening of my solo exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery in Sydney, you should virtually travel over to Labyrinth Gallery to see a beautiful exhibition that I am so pleased to be a finalist in.

The Planet Recovery Project is a heart-tugging exhibition of creative works that speak of our love for this planet and, I am so relieved to see - of hope.
Read the artists statements as well as looking at the images.’

Mellissa Read-Devine. Australia


Mining Bee

It has all come together really well! The layers of imagination and process run deeper, truly a moving expression of both artist and land. The paintings and what they stand for, are a testament of skill and commitment. Wonderfully presented by Labyrinth Gallery too. Amazing!

@earthresonance UK


Peacock Butterfly

It is SO cool being able to “walk around” people’s exhibitions without needing to be in the same city as the exhibitor!

Sue and Lynn have worked hard to preserve the interactive ease, freedom and soul of the gallery experience whilst also opening up the audience to possibilities. Such a gift to gallery-goers and artists wanting to exhibit and sell their artwork. Bricks-and-mortar galleries may also want to spread their wings online.

I love the feature where, while wandering around the gallery, you can click on an artwork and automatically get zoomed in to the best view of the artwork. Once zoomed in, you can click on the Display Card for information about the work AND the means to buy it’.

Alexandra USA

Art Lover


It is amazing to be in the Planet Recovery Project Exhibition with such talented artists! Although I have viewed the whole exhibition a few times, the posts are a great reminder to re-visit the exhibition and really focus on just a couple of selected pieces.

Niki Keane, Ireland


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