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The Planet Recovery Project is our way of focusing our audiences to the urgency of the recovery of the planet by actioning change across all nations. This precious world we share with wildlife and natural habitat needs our help.

Our goal is to promote imagery in diverse mediums to heighten awareness of the state of our planet Earth. By gathering emerging and established artists and photographers, to showcase their creative response to the impact mankind has savaged upon our planet, we hope to broaden the reach of our message. 

Whether the selected artworks are confronting or promising, breathtaking in beauty or gut wrenching- our intention is to anchor the images to the narrative of our commitment to the project of Planet Recovery. 

With help from our contributing visual artists and partners we aim to bring together a high calibre of imagery in this exhibition, striking a cord in all of us to reflect on how effectively we can help turn the tide of the environments destruction to the recovery and restoration of our shared world. 

The entry deadline is 24th of December 2021.

Darter Dragonfly

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We are now compiling the images we will select for the Planet Recovery Project Exhibition launch in January 2022

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