Blanket of Flamingoes

A Blanket of Flamingos


Lake Bogoria is a large saline and alkaline lake located in Kenya north of the equator. It is home to one of the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos. I have photographed flamingos at ground level for years, but this time I decided to experiment with my camera on a drone. I was very careful not to disturb the birds while they were feeding in the early morning. I wanted to show the size of this colony from above. What I wasn’t expecting was that the birds showed absolutely no concern whatsoever for my drone.  In fact, I was almost able to land on the lake in their midst and all they would do is attempt a nip at the base of the drone. When I finished photographing and landed my drone, I noticed that they were finished feeding. I quickly launched the drone again just in time to get this image while they were taking off from the shoreline.

 Printed on Canvas

Edition of 250

Available dimension :
24″ x 16″

Photographer Jami Tarris


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