Richard Walker

All my formative years were spent in regional New South Wales. My love of trees and flowering plants must be genetic. I come from a long line of gardeners and orchardists. 

After high school, I became apprentice to two working photographers at a country television station. In the 1970’s, I moved to Sydney and joined the Australian Broadcasting Commission, first as a cine-cameraman and later as a director. For the next 30 years I directed television programs in Australia, the USA, UK and Japan. 

In the late 1990’s, I realised that for all my television output, I had no hobby – no time set aside for any personal pursuits. I began thinking about returning to photography and producing fine art floral portraits. I researched the field thoroughly and made two important purchases – a medium format film camera (the Fujifilm GX680) and specialised lighting equipment from the USA (the Hosemaster Light Painting System). It was an expensive commitment but these devices helped me hone my “light painting” skills and produce quality floral portraits for the next 20 years. 

My floral portraits are held in private collections in the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years, I have also begun experimenting with studio light paintings of unusual objects and discarded rusty tools.

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