Lynn Pearce

Portsmouth born photographer, Lynn Pearce, grew up in the market town of Fareham, Hampshire surrounded by farming communities and local fishing havens. Village life was a strong influence in her formative years and remains evident today in her current photographic images. Having spent a decade in B&W self-publishing two photography books documenting village life on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour where she lived for 40 years, Lynn turned her heart back to what she loved in 2015 – Landscape Photography.

“It’s all about the Light for me. Shooting in B&W taught me where to find my ‘bones’; the composition of the image. Then the movement of light, or even lack of it, taught me how to wait and watch for the clouds to gather and unfold since they change constantly”.

Relocating back to her birthplace of Hampshire in 2019 after an absence of more than forty years positioned in Lynn’s mind squarely the enquiry –
What does ‘home’ mean to people? Is it place? Is it community or family? Or is it about the land and the familiar sound of the native tongue on your ears?

‘Feels like Home’ is a tribute to Lynn’s quiet surrender to what guides the human heart to find its ultimate peace in a place anywhere in the world.

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