Kirsty Collister

New Zealand born, Kirsty Collister is a Sydney based photographer who has travelled extensively throughout Asia. With her camera in hand and an acute sense of curiosity, Kirsty’s approach to her work is considered. Only one subject or theme is captured in each frame to allow her image to be clean and effortless in its viewing. By framing her images with a sense of symmetry, Kirsty creates photographs that feel balanced and natural. Minimal editing is applied to each image to ensure the authenticity of what has been documented.

Kirsty has had a keen interest in photography since being given a Box Brownie as a young girl growing up on the North Island of New Zealand. Later on in her early twenties, with her sights set on travelling around Europe and the UK, Kirsty invested in her first SLR.

All images on show in ‘A Long Way from Home’ are shot using a Canon 5DMkIII.

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