Emel Jurd

Since graduating with a Degree in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts where my studies focused on ceramic sculpture and jewellery design, I have continued to enjoy a successful career in the arts – painting, creating large-scale public ceramic mosaic murals, running my own jewellery design business and teaching.

In 2000, I returned to ceramics, working with not-for-profit organisations to create several ceramic mosaic murals in Sydneys Inner and South West. These projects and many other creative programs are driven by my life long passion for the healing and educational opportunities creativity can provide for disadvantaged children, youth and adults.

Whilst juggling full ,me work and raising three teenage children, I am passionately dedicated to creating art whenever my schedule permits. Whether sketching from my couch or immersing myself in my garden studio, I see all creation as divine in nature with this energy expressing itself in endless combinations through us and the natural world. My paintings delight in the abundance of the natural world, expressed through lush foliage and exotic flowers symbolising the endless cycle of life.

The canvas I choose to paint on is a fabric I’ve collected from my travels to Thailand and Indonesia over the last several years. The images are layered and vibrant with the original fabric mostly obscured by lines, colour and form. Faces rest in reflection while others gaze directly at the viewer suggesting hidden emotions. Exotic plants feature prominently, some true to form and others I’ve recreated to skeletal structures through which other layers of colour can be seen. I have no interest in depicting people and forms in a realistic style. Using the vivid printed fabrics I have collected enables me to add more depth and texture to my paintings.

My exhibition ‘Ebb and Flow’ is a response to the insanity and uncertainty of our times living with the pandemic across the world. This collection of acrylic paintings is a reminder of what is truly life sustaining and readily available to nurture hope in our hearts and carry us forward in our lives.

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