Andreas Knausenberger

Andreas Knausenberger was born in Villingen Black Forest, Germany in 1982.

Photography was initially a hobby during his adolescence but whilst studying academics, Andreas began working as a freelance photographer. He quickly discovered his passion not only for photography, but also videography and adventure travel.  During his studies of Sports Sciences in Stuttgart he travelled to Asia and America, but more frequently enjoyed visiting the African continent. His love for photography eventually led him into the world of sport fishing where he found himself in many remote and unusual destinations. The countries where he connected with travellers on fishing adventures would ultimately lead Andreas to start his own unique travel agency, offering foreign travellers and adventure seekers personalised fishing expeditions and photography safaris in Africa, South America and Asia. 

After I completed my studies, I worked in the marketing department of a wholesale company. However I did wonder, one day if I ever reached the point of being tired of this kind of work, I would start my own business. My dream didn’t take long to realise and in 2010, I began to work as a Director of Photography and freelance as a photographer.” 

Andreas worked as Director of Photography for the event agency Roth & Lorenz in Stuttgart. Working with companies like Coca Cola, Daimler Benz, National Geographic Germany and Procter & Gamble as an Event Photographer, Andreas began turning his enthusiasm towards the Wildlife and Outdoor photography events. Working for the extreme athlete, Mike Horn –  Founder of the Pangea Project, Andreas reached a turning point in his work as he found himself photographing for several days in the Alps. This area of videography and photography was where Andreas realised he really wanted to be. 

In the following years, Andreas increasingly focused on producing outdoor adventure films all over the globe. Specialising in fishing expeditions is central to his travel company ‘Extrakt Travel GmbH’ and he is constantly in search of the biggest fish in the world.  While guiding the expeditions, Andreas started producing high-quality fishing film productions which are now showcased on Amazon Prime Video. Filming wildlife and producing independent documentaries in Africa also became his passion. 

In 2020, with the start of the COVID pandemic, Andreas was able to produce his first documentary about the effects of the pandemic on Kenya’s people and its wildlife. The documentary ‘The Unfathomable Virus’ was aired on Aljazeera, NTV, DSTV and other online platforms. 

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