Navigation in the Galleries


In the browser version of the galleries there are multiple options for navigation.


If you prefer using a keyboard moving forward, backward left right and rotating left and right can all be achieved using the QWEASD keys

Keyboard Key Movement Direction
Q Rotate left
E Rotate right
W Move forward
S Move backwards
A Move left in a straight line
D Move right in a straight line
=/+ Zoom In
_/- Zoom Out

Using a mouse will allow you to click and hold and rotate in either direction the same as the Q and E keyboards keys.

When an image is in focus hold down the left mouse click to zoom out, the right mouse click to zoom in to the image.

Lift Screenshot

Click on the “I” icon on the left of the lift in the control panel or click on the hamburger menu (top right) to pull up the navigation help 

Help Screenshot

Arrow Keys

The 4 arrow keys in the keyboard (aka cursor keys, direction keys, and navigation keys) will move the cursor.

Arrow Key Movement Direction
up arrow forward
down arrow backwards
left arrow (back arrow) Left in a straight line
right arrow (forward arrow) Right in a straight line

Finally, on the screen itself in the bottom left corner there is a small navigation pad that will move in the direction of the arrows when clicked.

Onscreen Key Movement Direction
Left curved arrow Rotate left
Right curved Rotate right
up arrow Move forward
down arrow Move backwards
left arrow Move left in a straight line
right arrow Move right in a straight line

In the IOS mobile app use the navigation pad in the bottom left-hand corner to move in the direction of the arrows when pressed.

Change Gallery

Browser: Click on the change gallery button on the bottom left and a new browser tab will open to the main lift URL of the website. Note that the original gallery tab will remain open so if you have finished browsing that previous gallery, we suggest closing the tab manually before opening a new gallery to conserve device resources.

IOS: Click on the change gallery button on the bottom left you will be returned to the gallery options panel of the app. When finished swipe right on the app to close it down.


Screenshot metro
Screenshot App Menu
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