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Main Gallery

Kirsty Collister

A long Way from Home - Paloma Gallery.

Sydney based travel photographer

Ross Hoddinott

Close to Home- Augustine Gallery

Award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer

Andreas Knausenberger

Magadi - Salina Gallery

Photographer, Wildlife Cameraman, Director

Solo Galleries

Ben Hall

The Big Picture - Asili Gallery

One of Britains leading professional wildlife photographer.

Lynn Pearce

Feels Like Home - Central Gallery.

UK based landscape photographer and gallery owner

Sue Earnshaw

There is No Plan B - Metro Gallery

UK Wildlife photographer and gallery owner

Atlantic Main Gallery

Zoe Barker

Commonplace -Polaris Gallery

Award winning UK based photographer.

Richard Walker

Luminous - Alula Gallery

Light painting photographer

Community Wildlife Fund

The Unfathomable Virus- Polaris Gallery.

Featuring images from 12 world renowned wildlife photographers

Solo Galleries

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Photo Competition - Asili Gallery

Protecting Cornwall's wildlife and wild places

Emel Jurd

Ebb and Flow - Capital Gallery.


Coming Soon

Planet Gallery Project - Labyrinth Gallery

Artists and Photographers from around the world

London Photo Festival

London Photo Festival

Architecture - Central Gallery

Architecture Competition May 2021

London Photo Festival

Architecture - Capital Gallery

Architecture Competition May 2021

London Photo Festival

Street - Metro Gallery

Street Competition August 2021

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