Why Exhibit at Labyrinth Gallery

Transitioning from the traditional ‘on the High street’ gallery space to a virtual tour of an exhibition interior was always going to present challenges. As artists and exhibitors, most of us are familiar with the limitations and demands of a physical exhibition space. Allowing we’re comfortable with the upfront costs of renting a professional looking interior in a suitable location and feel fully supported by the curator/manager of the gallery – how can we be certain of the potential audience we hope to  capture in the calendar window we committed to maybe 6-12 months earlier? Then there’s the additional outlay of framing, invitations, advertising and cheese and wine for the Opening night. Group exhibitions ease the financial burden but the reach is only as good as the foot-fall during gallery business hours.

With a virtual exhibition, you have the potential to launch your exhibition locally and around the world to a variety of audiences plugged in to their wifi 24 hours a day across numerous timezones. Already sounds good?  Now let’s remove some upfront costs such as hard-copy invitations, newspaper ads, framing and wrapping, freight costs if the gallery is across the country plus the bubbly for opening night. Going virtual minimises several of those risks you accept just to be shown. 

When you submit your application to exhibit with Labyrinth Gallery, all we require from you are high resolution files of your current works. Given that we’re growing our audiences around the clock, having a website or Facebook and Instagram profile will help us elevate your visibility to a much broader and targeted audience. Labyrinth Gallery offers a selection of four Exhibition Booking Packages to artists and exhibitors starting at the minimum of a 4 week commitment to show. [ See Artist Submission Form] The unique experience we will be offering to artists and viewers alike is to explore our selection of bespoke gallery interiors entering through the lift doors of Labyrinth Gallery. Lynn Pearce and Sue Earnshaw look forward to collaborating with you in our vision to support and promote visual artists everywhere. 

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