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The journey from our initial idea of our Virtual Gallery world to the realisation in the shape of the Exhibition Galleries could not have happened without all the expertise and help we received from our dedicated development team.

Our make it happen department – Rupert Stamp – his company’s mission statement is “I help unlock an idea’s potential through engaging, purpose driven experiences.” and he certainly lives up to that, you can find out more about Rupert here

His ‘can do’ approach is refreshing and inspired us to start aiming higher with our ideas, all of which he continues to meet. That said, we can also rely on Rupert for his candid opinions on the road map for the future of our business.


Promotional videos on our galleries used on the website and social media are created and produced by Andreas Knausenberger

Andreas is a wildlife cameraman and SIGMA wildlife reference photographer. For Andreas, the fascination of photography is to preserve special moments and experiences for all eternity …. His passion is to travel and film and photograph wildlife in Africa. The breath-taking scenery and its wild inhabitants have fascinated Andreas from the beginning.

The video in Hydra gallery is The Unfathomable Virus – commissioned for the Community Wildlife Fund. the full length video can be seen on YouTube

Documentary by Andreas Knausenberger


Community Wildlife Fund Exhibition 

A big thank you to Gabriele Nowak and Nira Knausenberger who co-ordinated the contributing photographers for the CWF Exhibition. Their work, on behalf of the Community Wildlife Fund has provided much need help for the Kenyan Communities and Wildlife impacted by the changes wrought by the Covid-19 virus

Gabriele Nowak is CEO of Sunworld Safaris. They offer tailor made safaris, wildlife photographic tours & conservation based itineraries. Gabriele is passionate about wildlife & the protection of Kenyas parks for the future heritage of our children and country. She is also the Founder of the Community Wildlife Fund and founded CWF with other like minded organisations with the above objectives in mind and have already raised funds to help communities through alternative income to help alleviate poaching and bushmeat trade.

Nira Knausenberger was born and raised in Kenya. She is the Founder of Commune! Marketing Agency in Nairobi and  over the years specialised in tourism marketing and conservation work. Nira is an editor, producer storyline and content creator for conservation video productions. Nira is also the Marketing Executive  for the Community Wildlife Fund.

A big thank you also for each of the contributing photographers who have so generously donated some of their best images to further their support. 

Andreas Knausenberger, Charl Stols, Federico Veronesi, Helena Atkinson, Jami Tarris, Janine Krayer, Paolo Torchio, Paul Souder, Sabine Stols, Suse Earnshaw, Theo Allofs



Background music in the Alula, Polaris, Capital and Central galleries


Bush sounds in Hydra gallery

Andreas Knausenberger

Miscellaneous sounds effects, bird sounds and the occasional thunderstorm in Metro, Asili and Central Galleries

From the freesounds Library

Licence: License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)



Gramophone image on this page : Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Background images throughout the website from Unsplash international photographers.


The copyright for all photographs and original  artworks remains with the individual artists. 

Mystery guest…


All galleries have guests, and ours is no exception. In this case our guest remains a mystery for now……

Art work by Illustrator and Author Nicola Winsland, aka Poet Nicola …


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