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Labyrinth GalleryContact us at Labyrinth Gallery – get in touch to find out more about how to exhibit with us and about all our forthcoming events.

Labyrinth Gallery began as a direct response by photographers Sue Earnshaw and Lynn Pearce to their original plans to exhibit together in 2020 as they watched the unfolding global pandemic diminish any possibilities they held to exhibit in the foreseeable future. An unprecedented world-wide catastrophe currently still being measured on so many levels today.

Rather than remain in a prolonged holding pattern, Sue pitched the idea of an online photography gallery to exhibit their images. However, with Lynn’s experience as a gallery curator four years earlier in Sydney, Lynn suggested they also be prepared to be inundated with enquiries to exhibit by artists, photographers and makers once the site went live.

The ‘new normal’ had been bantered around for awhile with a variety of versions emerging either by default or by design. The challenge for Sue and Lynn is not only to stay ahead of the curve, but also create more room for future curves as they grow.

Lynn says – “ This gallery has to create as much enthusiasm and curiosity for the exhibitor as well as viewers alike. Often, a day out to a gallery is as much about the experience of the building in which the exhibition opens, as well as the artists works inside”

As your hosts, Sue Earnshaw and Lynn Pearce look forward to seeing you at Labyrinth Gallery. Contact us to find out more about how to plan your exhibition and our forthcoming events.

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