Labyrinth Gallery

Showcase and Sell your Artwork or Photography Worldwide

Labyrinth Gallery Interactive Virtual Exhibition Spaces

Labyrinth Gallery is an interactive virtual art gallery hosting virtual exhibitions for artists. Each of the gallery spaces provides a unique and interactive experience to engage the viewer.  From the style and formality of the Classic Gallery to the ‘back to nature’ Asili Gallery there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy.

What is Labyrinth Gallery?

Labyrinth Gallery exhibition spaces enable artists everywhere to reach a bigger audience than ever before for less than the price of a coffee per day.

How do the Galleries Work?

The immersive 3D interactive galleries use innovative technology to deliver our online virtual exhibition spaces providing an authentic gallery experience for both artist and viewer.

Featured Exhibitions

Andreas Knausenberger

Magadi - Salina Gallery

Photographer, Wildlife Cameraman, Director

Community Wildlife Fund

The Unfathomable Virus- Polaris Gallery.

Featuring images from 12 world renowned wildlife photographers

Ben Hall

The Big Picture - Asili Gallery

One of Britains leading professional wildlife photographer.
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