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Struggling to get your Art & Photography noticed online?

Is your work drowned out by the noise
on social media and online? 
Stifling those fleeting 
connections to your work
Are you ready for online
success as an artist?

We believe art needs a new home  

Somewhere to elevate creations above the social media humdrum that allows your art to breathe, build connections and ultimately succeed.
  • Interactive spaces where viewers can experience an immersive online art exhibition

  • Diversity of authentically designed galleries to
    compliment your artwork

  • Guided tour functionality your viewers can sit back, relax and enjoy

  • Zoom in on fine details, read the  artists stories or listen to their narration, all at your own pace

How to create your own gallery

Step 1

Submit request for a gallery

Step 2

Select exhibition hosting plan

Step 3

Discuss exhibition with gallery

Step 4

Upload the images and files

Step 5

Final review and LAUNCH

Step 6

Share your exhibition with the world


The artist and photography community is inspirational, a thriving network of talented creators we are proud to support. 

Labyrinth gallery began with two artists who envisioned an online gallery space elevated from the online culture of fast-paced scrolling. An interior that viewers could deeply connect with artists’ works authentic to their experiences of a physical gallery. Art needed an alternative home online – a sanctuary for artists and viewers to meet and connect in peaceful surroundings unencumbered by distractions. Labyrinth Gallery was founded as a direct response to our desire for an online experience finding a home for artists to build bridges to art buyers and succeed online.

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The immersive 3D interactive galleries use innovative technology to deliver our online virtual exhibition spaces providing an authentic gallery experience for both artist and viewer.

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Visit the Labyrinth Gallery exhibition page to see all the exhibitions currently available on line.

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Labyrinth Gallery exhibition spaces enable artists everywhere to reach a bigger audience than ever before for less than the price of a coffee per day.

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